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Own your skin, tell your story

Urban Proverb was born out of the desire to give women the freedom of expression through their skincare. Your skin is your opportunity to tell your story. Your skin carries a heritage, it reflects your roots, it reflects what you have been through and the strength that has brought you this far. That is why we emphasise a skincare brand that allows women to express themselves through their products. Particularly finding the products that work for them and complement their lifestyle to promote healthy holistic living. 

During our travels in Africa, it was amazing to hear the different stories that all the women we worked with had. Stories of different realities but always light at the end of the tunnel. Something so profound among the African women we spoke to was the beam of light they seemed to carry. So many stories of joy and making the most of the resources available to them. That's the Africa we need the world to see. The hope, the simplistic luxury, the joy and the misunderstood intellect of our history. 

This is our story. Our products have been formulated out of a combination of stories to bring you a brand you can finally relate to. We love to share these stories with you to allow you to own your skin and tell your own story.  

Our team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this vision a reality. This is simply the beginning of our story, we are The Urban Proverb. It is our privilege and honour to bring Africa's rich heritage to the world through our products.