More Than Just a Skincare Brand

After developing a sensitivity to skincare products in my teenage years, my life was never the same again. Doctors often told me my skin was too dark to diagnose and that there was no hope of getting my healthy skin back.  This led me to  search high and low for my own effective skincare solutions. Not only to repair the damage, but to sustain my long term skin health. A trip to  Africa changed everything. I met confident black women with amazing skin who shared their long lived secrets to maintaining and attaining healthy glowing skin. I am here and share their formulations with the world as a way of giving back. This is more than just a skincare brand to me, it changed my life.

Urban Proverb is therefore an investment into the growing health driven and ethically conscious market within the cosmetic industry. We develop high-quality products that cater to this demand and aim to redefine the narrative of Africa within the beauty industry. Inspired by the beauty rituals of African women embracing simplicity and the power of nature. Urban Proverb was birthed out of the confidence and contagious pride that the African women possessed in their skin. I understand that not everyone has the privilege or opportunity to explore Africa, it's people and its beauty in the way that I have been able to. Therefore my mission is to bring Africa to the world through our products.
CEO / Founder

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More than just a purchase


Our mission is to invest in Africa's cosmetic industry by creating sustainable formulation and manufacturing centres within Sub-Saharan Africa. Your purchase of our products is an investment into our vision to contribute the growth of our continent. 

Promoting growth in our communities through empowering women we do business with.

Promoting agricultural development to realise the Africa beyond Aid agenda.

Promoting sustainability and caring for our planet through embracing multipurpose products and slow beauty

Promoting long term skin health through the use of botanical science to formulate products that feed your skin the nutrients it needs.

more than just profit


URBAN PROVERB is a movement towards being more than just a business. We are a machine to promote a better life for all. We care for our planet, we care for our home continent and we care for your skin. This is beyond profit for us. We are in it for the long run. We are in the business of changing lives and we will not stop until we see the change we desire.


We work closely with the African farmers of our natural ingredients to ensure fair treatment and rates. We work by investing in already thriving small farmers and organic formulators and we support their vision to develop. Particularly helping the females in the supply chain to develop their knowledge and enhance their prospects. Profits are essential but the core of our existence is to bring a positive impact in the communities we work with. 

Promoting sustainability

We believe that it is not only ethical but essential that we take care of our planet. More than ever before, businesses have an important role to play in the shift that needs to happen. We do our part by ensuring our packaging is made using recycled material than can be recycled again after use. We are working to reduce plastic in our production and as we develop we aim to keep sustainability at the forefront. 

Promoting long-term skin health

We believe true health is a holistic process. Contrary to popular belief, no product is an all-in-one  solution to skin concerns. We accept the complexity of skin and the subjective nature of each individual's skin. Hence we promote a healthy approach towards your skincare and personal care. True skin health starts from within - taking care of your skin consistently with products that feed your skin the nutrients it needs without the extra-hassle. This is why we offer fragrance-free products with high concentrations of natural ingredients to boost the natural working of mother nature on your skin.